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The Idaho Internet Network 


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IdahoInternet.net Ultra-Fast Point to Point Wireless Broadband Internet Access for Business, Education, Healthcare, Hospitality, Public Safety, Campus, Malls & Shopping Centers, Retail & Recreation Hot Spots and Smart Connected Community Gathering Places.


Finally, the Internet you deserve is Here.

Welcome to the Idaho Broadband Internet Network.

Now part of the world's fastest growing network bringing affordable, reliable, high speed Internet to your neighborhood.

There's a new choice for high speed Internet and it's here to connect you to the things that matter most.

Don't Wait! Contact us today at IdahoBroadband.net email us: addme@idahointernet.net or call us at 208-740-3988

"The Future Can't Wait for fast Internet." It is here now waiting for you.

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So you think fiber is fast? Think again.

IdahoInternet is Faster than Fiber.


Faster Than Fiber

IdahoInternet Wireless is based on advanced microwave fixed-wireless technology, provides a better solution than fiber optic networks due to a combination of an advantage in transmission medium and simpler geometry – the shortest distance between two points is a straight line.

IdahoInternet vs Fiber


Microwave signals travel 50% faster through the air than light through optical fiber.

Shorter Path

Microwave networks have shorter routes, reducing the total network distance and further improving latency.

More Reliable

Microwave links cannot be damaged by construction accidents, transportation accidents, falling trees or fire, unless they are localized to the tower site.

Extended Reach

Microwave networks can be built faster, delivering service where you need it and when you need it.

Lower Cost

The overall cost-per-mile associated with building microwave networks is less than fiber optic cable – this translates into lower cost for service installation and lower monthly service fees.

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Latency is largely a function of the speed of light, which is 299,792,458 meters/second in a vacuum. Microwave signals travel through the air at approximately the same speed as light through a vacuum and will have a latency of approximately 5.4 microseconds for every mile of path length. Light travel in optical fiber has a latency of 8.01 microseconds for every mile of cable, due to the refraction in the fiber.


Are you getting the most out of your Internet service?

Chances are you're not, and you may be paying to much for what you're getting.
With speeds up to 100Mbs down and 50Mbs up IdahoWiFi has a service
that's just right for any size business, and possibly up to 50% less that what you are

currently paying.

99.9% up time - No Bundles - Locally owned

Call Today and let us show you what we can do for your business.

Welcome to IdahoInternet.net

Let's Talk about " Internet your way".

Does your current Internet solution really meet your needs?

Fast enough?
Priced Right?
Enough capacity?
Everywhere you want it?
Video Streaming to your TV?
Great sound?
All your devices connect easily?
Love it?

If you were able to check all the boxes; you're probably good for now.

If not, we have a solution for you!



What is "Scalable" Internet?

Speeds from 50 Mb/s to 10 Gb/s; Capacity from light use to Maxed out.

Simply put, you decide how fast and how much.

We want to provide you with at least twice as much, for less.




Boise WiFi - Simple, Scalable, Ultra Fast Internet Access

Simple, Scalable, Ultra Fast Interent Access


Ultra Fast Wireless Internet WHERE you want it.

Do you want price? $50 to $1000 ?

Do you want speed? 50Mbs to 1Gbs or more?

Do you need more bandwidth?10Gb to 200Gb / mo?

or All of the Above?

Simple, Scalable, Ultra Fast Internet Access.

Where do you use Internet?

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Email us for more info? info@idahoInternet.net


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